Broad and High

(An Episcopal Duet)


“Let us, Right Reverend Brother,
Our differences smother;
And, both decried on every side,
Embrace, and hug each other.”

“Oh yes! though our opinions
As apples are to ‘inions.’
The distance whole of Pole to Pole
Divides as near dominions.”

“As Pole to Pole asunder?
Nay, Brother, there you blunder.
Both Poles you know alike are low
The point of freezing under.”

“We differ, then, say, Frater,
As Pole doth from Equator.
Of hot and cold extremes we hold;
What contradiction’s greater?”

“To differ we’ll agree then;
Contrasted we shall be, then.
Folks will in you a Papist view,
And say that I’m a heathen.

“O scope for speculation!
O room for disputation!
How happy we to differ free;
Hooray for toleration!”


From Punch, June 8, 1867, p. 239.

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