To the Editor of The Living Church:

ALLOW me to inform your readers, who esteem so highly that untiring apostle of the Catholic movement in the United States—the Rt. Rev. C. C. Grafton, D.D., Bishop of Fond du Lac—that during his recent visit to Moscow and St. Petersburg, the Moscowski Viedmosti published a series of articles touching upon the learned prelate’s visit and possible intercommunion. The great daily in St. Petersburg, Novoe Vremia, published a photograph of the venerable Bishop. While the Church Messenger—the organ of the St. Petersburg Academy—treated in detail with some of the vital questions brought forward by the Doctor of the American Church, the Church News—the organ of the Most Holy Governing Synod—referred to the distinguished visitor in most sympathetic terms, desiring for him God-speed in his holy work and great undertaking.


ABBOT SEBASTIAN. December 16th, 1903.

Orthodox Russian Cathedral,  San Francisco, Calif.,

From The Living Church, December 26, 1903, p. 276.

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