Why was Keble College built?

“Why was Keble College built?”
“Ask the gingerbread and gilt!”
Answers Burgon. “Oh, that slid on
Quite by accident,” says Liddon;
“For though modest, humble, feeble,
All our work has been for Keble!”
“Humph best plough in broader furrows,
That’s my view of it,” cries Burrows.
“Yes,” adds Bernard, “reason why
We’ve not built it in the High.”
“Stay. I’ll make it clear,” says Pusey.
“College life’s but crêmant Bouzy.
Therefore Keble offers all
Beer that’s Christmas beer, though small.
Yes, the sons who pass her lats,
All go in for Christian greats.
Though like Christmas some be plucked,
All in Christian beds are tucked;
Fed in all on Christian dinners,
Not like us, poor Christ Church sinners,
Who, confessing thus our guilt,
Thank our stars that Keble’s built!”

Punch, May 25, 1878, p. 233.

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