The Boyhood of Samuel Seabury (1915)

Long, long ago, with brave New London boys
Young Seabird place. By the serene blue Thames
He roamed, or marveled at the sea’s loud noise;
And Churchly ways learned well in old St. James’.
Near Foxen’s Hill, he and his schoolmates found
Arbutus sweet, or watched, on southern slope,
Some home-built vessel sail, Barbadoes bound—
The sturdy little colony’s brave hope.
He lived in valiant times, devoid of ease.
He loved all virtues and all noble ends.
He loved the little town beside the seas,
And, loyal friend to all, he loves his friends.
The godly son of godly sires, his youth
Was trained in courage, charity, and truth.

—Anna H. Funnell, The Living Church, June 19, 1915, p. 282.

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