The Tractarians (1908)

Church of our fathers! revived and restored,
We thy glad children rejoice that the sword
Of the world’s jealous hate and proud heresy’s sneer
Have served but to render thy glory more clear.

Through Keble and Newman and Pusey and Froude
The words of our Savior, recalled and reviewed,
Gave purpose and power to thy sacred rites,
And the gateway of heaven was seen from thy heights.

Upheld they thine order—thy ministry three,
That those who would serve thee may confident be
That the strength of apostle and grace of the saint
Are still with us now, to guard hearts that grow faint.

That awful memorial of Christ’s last great fight
On Calvary’s slope, with the powers of night,
They brought to the front in the system of grace
That man, e’en on earth, may know God “face to face.”

To sin-wearied souls on the path to the King
They showed that sweet freedom which Christ came to bring.
They spake words of pardon, in power divine,
That through Christ’s pure Manhood, His glory may shine.

And so did they preach and rouse hearts that were cold,
And taught of that Shepherd who dwells in His fold,
That, crowned with a fervor and zeal from on high,
They changed England’s Church and brought God very nigh.

Church of our fathers, revived and restored,
Mother of martyrs and Bride of our Lord,
Shall we not love them and cherish them dear—
Thy saints of “the thirties,” who suffered so here?

Then we who are blest in the work which they wrought
Should ever hold fast to that Faith which they taught,
Should ever most loyally follow their way
And fight well for Jesus, till night turns to day.

—L.C.L., The Living Church, July 25, 1908, p. 455.

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