Intinction and the Withheld Chalice (1919)

To the Editor of The Living Church:

THOUGH Boston is confessedly the hub of Fad-dom it is a real trial to loyal Catholic Churchmen to have the new ideas and fads of Church experiments tried out on us. I quote from a letter received to-day from a noble Christian woman who left last week for a hospital expected to undergo a serious operation—and, wishing to be fortified by the Sacraments of the Holy Catholic Church, went to her extremely “low” service. She writes me: “I went to church on Ascension Day, and oh, was so heartsick when I found the beautiful service mutilated by intinction. Do write to someone to beg the Church to give back to the faithful the comfort of the great Sacrament.”

Having been of the C.B.S. for over twenty-five years, I fulfill my pledge by protesting through your wide-spread columns.

Surely it is needless here; but even in Colorado—great Sanatorium state, where I spent the winter of 1916-1917—my soul revolted against the practice. If It is what we believe It to be, how can anyone receive any injury from the consecrated Chalice? With the “première pas qui coute,” no wonder the chalice is withheld entirely in a certain great metropolitan church, since priests as well as bishops may juggle with the rubrics. But I’m wondering if Low and Broad St. Bartholomew’s knows that it is a distinctly “Roman” custom!

I hope the “discussions” will never “be closed” until the time sanctified usage is restored. Yes, even in Colorado.

Louise A. Chapman, Boston, June 2nd.

The Living Church, June 21, 1919.

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