Former Old Catholic Priest Ordained (1925)

Sacramento, Calif.—On Saturday, February 21st, the Rev. Theodore Bell, formerly a priest of the Old Catholic Church in England, was ordained sub conditione to the diaconate by the Rt. Rev. William Hall Moreland, D.D., Bishop of Sacramento. The service was in Trinity Pro-Cathedral, Sacramento, and the presenter was the Rev. E. S. Bartlam, President of the Standing Committee.

The Rev. Mr. Bell had been ordained by a successor of Bishop Mathew, Bishop of the Old Catholic Church in London, but, as the status of the Old Catholic Church in England had been seriously questioned by two Lambeth Conferences and the recommendation made by that body that anyone applying for orders be ordained sub conditione, that recommendation was carried out by the Bishop of Sacramento. Before taking steps for the ordination, the Bishop conferred with the Bishops of the Province of the Pacific on Mr. Bell’s ordination under Canon 12, and he received their unanimous approval after the candidate had passed the necessary examinations of the Examining Chaplains and the Standing Committee.

Mr. Bell has been for three years a resident in the Diocese of Sacramento, and he has been tried out in the mission field. For the past year Mr. Bell has been in charge of St. Peter’s Church, Red Bluff, and in that church Bishop Moreland will advance him to the priesthood, sub conditione.

The Living Church, March 7, 1925, pp. 647-648.

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