DR. E. B. LANDIS (1897)

Dr. E. B. Landis, a corresponding member of the University Archaeological Association and a valued contributor to the Museum, died at Chemulfo, Korea, on the 16th of April last after three weeks’ illness. Dr. Landis graduated in Medicine Department of the University of Pennsylvania in the class of 1889, and went to Korea in 1890. He at once undertook to collect archaeological specimens for the Museum, and in the following year transmitted a valuable series of objects from graves in Song-Do. Important collections were subsequently made by him, and at the time of his death he was editing a catalogue of his Korean coins which he had presented, for publication in the Bulletin. Dr. Landis contributed numerous papers to scientific journals on Korean customs. During the war between China and Japan he rendered eminent services to the Chinese sick and wounded, for which he received a decoration from the Chinese government. His early death is a loss not only to his friends, but to the science to which he was devoted.

Bulletin of the Free Museum of Science and Art of the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania, 1897), p. 211.

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