Family Reunions: Howell (1914)

The fourth annual reunion of the Howell family was held at Bushkill Park on Saturday afternoon, and though the number in attendance was smaller than usual, on account of the inclement and threatening weather, yet the reunion was most enthusiastic and enjoyable. At the business meeting, Captain Theodore Howell, of Siegfried, the oldest living member of the family, was re-elected President, and the Rev. Joseph Howell, of South Side, Easton, was elected secretary. An executive committee was appointed, consisting of the Rev. Joseph Howell, Joseph Howell f Phillipsburg, and Miss Anna Brakeley, of Bordentown, N.J., to arrange to secure a badge bearing the Howell coat of arms and to secure a banner for future reunions. Joseph Howell, of Phillipsburg, presided, in the absence of the president.
Addresses were made by Miss Anna Brakeley, of Bordentown, N.J.; Mrs. Oscar Boyer, of Belvidere, N.J.; Miss Helen Howell, of Elmira, N.Y. O.C. DeWitt, of Easton; Joseph Howell, of Phillipsburg; Richard F. Howell, of East Bangor; Miss Elizabeth Draey, of Phillipsburg; and the Rev. Joseph Howell, of Easton.
The next meeting will be held on the second Saturday of September, 1915, at Bushkill Park. After the meeting the family enjoyed a picnic dinner.
From Allentown Democrat, September 3, 1914, p. 7.

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