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A Fatal Assault (1897)

Italians Indulge in a Stabbing Affray at New Italy
Another Seriously Injured—The Two were Waylaid by Three of their Countrymen and Assaulted.

There was another stabbing affray Saturday night at New Italy, in Washington township, a short distance from Bangor. All the participants were Italians and all reside at New Italy. The injured are Antonio Cascioli and Lorenzo Schiavone. Cascioli has two ugly stab wounds in his body. One of them is just below the heart and penetrated the lower lobe of the left lung. It may prove fatal. Schiavone’s include two deep cuts in the left shoulder, a stab in the fleshy part of the neck and several cuts above the head.
The two men had attended services at the Catholic Church and then spent a couple of hours at Michael Falcone’s store, nearby. It was about 11 o’clock when they left the store and started for home. A short distance from Falcone’s place they were met by the 14 year old brother of Cascioli, who said that there were three men down the road who had inquired if Antonio Cascioli had gone home.
A few moments later three men referred to by the boy were met. They were crouching along the roadside and made no answer when, in passing, Antonio Cascioli said “Good night” to them in the Italian language.
Cascioli and Schiavone had passed the men only a few feet when the trio pounced upon them and commenced showering blows on their heads and shoulders. The frightened boy escape and ran to summon help. While two of the assailants held Cascioli the third plunged a stiletto into his body. Then Schiavone, who had already been stunned by a heavy blow, was caught by the assassins and stabbed with a siletto. The two men were then left by the roadside. One crawled to a house nearby and the other was carried to his home by the help brought by the boy.
Detective Ross, Policeman Repsher and Constable Godshalk, of Bangor, were called and at 4 o’clock Sunday morning had Michael Treggone, Vito Treggone and Donato Carreshi in the lock-up. They are accused of being the assassins. The trio had been drunk and were seen in the neighborhood where the stabbing took place but a short time before the two men were attacked. Earlier in the evening the same trio attacked an Italian from Howell-town in Lorenzo Pacifico’s hotel at New Italy, and one of them knocked him down with the handle of a revolver.
Vito Treggone is married. All the others named are single men. The parties under arrest are considered the most dangerous characters in the slate district. Danato Carreshi stabbed a Welshman at Belfast three years ago and at Bangor in 1895 shot an Italian named Sachetti. Michael Treggone has already figured in several cutting affrays and Vito Treggone is a desperate fellow who is quick to draw a stiletto. When they were arrested all three of the men had on wet clothing, showing that they had been in the storm and had not been home long.
At the home of one of the assailants there was found yesterday morning a cane in which there was a double-edged dagger about 14 inches long. There were blood spots on the sharp blade and the weapon is believed to have been used in the affray Saturday night. The dagger was attached to the handle of the cane and was concealed in the stick.

The Morning Call, 7 December 1897, page 1.


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