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Mammanas of Sperlinga

A small branch of Castel di Lucio Mammanas were born in the Norman castle-village Sperlinga, Enna in the 1880s and 1890s. Their father Antonino was a son of Francesco Mammana (1825-17 Nov 1899) and Francesca Rinaldi (born 1833). Placido Antonio Mammana (1838-20 Sep 1911) of Castel di Lucio also died in Sperlinga; he is the father of Domenico Luigi Mammana (1873-1971), progenitor of the Mammanas of Easton, Pennsylvania.


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Mammanas of Valledolmo

Six generations of descendants of Stefano Mammana and Rosolia Fioretta of Valledolmo, Palermo, Sicily, Italy, compiled by Richard Mammana 2020-2021. Births after 1960 are omitted for privacy.

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