Italian Episcopal churches, congregations, and missions (1919)

Where the Italian language is used at all or some of the services.


Hartford, Italian Mission of St. Paul
New Haven, Italian Mission of St. Paul


Chicago, Church of St. John the Evangelist, Vine Street


Gary, Church of San Antonio


Boston, Chapel of St. Francis of Assisi

New Jersey

Hackensack, Church of St. Anthony of Padua

New York

Bronx, St. Mary’s Mission, White Plains Avenue
Brooklyn, La Chiesa dell’ Annunziata
New York, Cathedral of St. John the Divine
New York, Calvary Chapel, 342 E. 23rd Street
New York, Chapel of the Incarnation, 240 E. 31st Street
New York, Church of San Salvatore, 359 Broome Street
New York, Grace Chapel, 415 E. 13th Street
New York, St. Ambrose Mission, 236 E. 111th Street
New York, St. Augustine’s Chapel, 105 E. Houston Street
New York, St. Mark’s Chapel, 10th Street and Avenue A
New York, All Saints Church, Henry and Scammell Streets
Oyster Bay, Christ Church
Staten Island, Church of the Holy Redeemer, Port Richmond
Staten Island, New Dorp Beach Chapel
Utica, Holy Cross Church


Youngstown, Church of San Rocco


Easton, Trinity Church
Philadelphia, La Chiesa dell’Emmanuello
Philadelphia, Calvary Church, Manheim Street and Pulaski Avenue
Philadelphia, Italian Mission, St. George’s, Richmond
Wind Gap, St. Mary’s Church

—Adapted by Richard Mammana from Neighbors: Studies in Immigration from the Standpoint of the Episcopal Church (New York: The National Council, 1919).

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