A Novel Settlement: Hutterites at Dominion City (1899)

Mr. J. E. Jones, German interpreter of the immigration office, has just returned from a visit to the Hutterites at Dominion City, says the Manitoba Free Press. The settlement is composed of 52 persons. They have five sections of land on township 2, 3, and 1, near Dominion City. Of this amount of land 120 acres have been cultivated and the balance is bing cleared. On the farm one big house has been built, 80×20 feet, in which the entire population live. They have built a barn, 100-40 feet, which has now 500 tons of hay stored there. They have sold 600 tons of hay and have raised 30,000 bushels of oats. They have also 10 head of cattle and a flock of sheep and geese. They have six teams, machinery and farm implements, which they brought over with them from Yankton, S.D., last May.

They are in a very prosperous condition, says Mr. Jones, and the only community of the kind in Canada, though well known in the States. They call themselves the Huttersche Society. In religion they are Baptists, the followers of John Huss, the first reformer in Austria. They have their own priests, and have religious and historical works in their possession dating back 300 years.

The Province, (Vancouver, British Columbia), October 5, 1899

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