Evacuation of Hutterite Colony (1940)

Proposal to bring a Hutterite colony from England to join their brethren in this province has been made to the provincial government by leaders of the sect from southern Alberta, it was learned Friday.

After hearing the representations, the provincial authorities told the delegation that it was not a matter for the province to consider but should be referred to the dominion government which handles the admission of newcomers to Canada.

The proposal is said to involve the movement of more than 100 women and children from the Hutterite colony at Ashton Keyes, Wiltshire, England. All told, there are 250 persons in the colony, operating as a community farm project.

It is hoped by Hutterites in this province to bring their English brethren away from the seat of the war. As the Hutterites claim they are pacifists, they believe that in Canada they will enjoy special privileges from Ottawa absolving them from military service. They speak German.

In Alberta there are some 4,000 Hutterites in colonies, scattered from New Dayton to High River, in the southern part of the province. The sect originated in Germany, migrating to the U.S. in 1875. About 30 years ago, members of the sect settled in Alberta.

Edmonton Journal (Alberta, Canada), July 12, 1940

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