Order of Corporate Reunion (1880)

The Triennial synod of this organisation was held in London yesterday, all the bishops of the order being present. Mass, according to the ancient Sarum rite, was said by the Bishop of Caerleon, and the synod was duly constituted under the presidency of the rector. A circular to the members of the order was approved, certain practical rules and regulations enacted, and the following protest was signed by the rector, Thomas, Pro-Provincial of Canterbury; Joseph, Provincial of York; and Lawrence, Provincial of Caerleon:—”In our first pastoral set forth on the 8th of September, 1877, we had occasion to protest against certain evil results of the long course of change, usurpation, and revolution which has prevailed in the public policy of our country, and which has disturbed all our own landmarks in Church and State, and grievously confounded all social order. It is now necessary, not only to renew that protest, but to include in it an instance which shows a still wider departure from the ancient line of the British Constitution. The subject upon which we are impelled by a sense of duty to make our public protest is weighty and grievous. It is the admission of an avowed and aggressive infidel into the Legislature of this country, against which we note with sorrow that not one of the bishops of the Established Church has lifted up his voice. The circumstances attending this lamentable proceeding are beyond expression distressing and shameful and, closely following upon it, we hear voices raised in favour of removing every check to the caprices of that assembly which has distinguished itself by the admission into its body of the individual to whom we are referring. Englishmen and fellow Christians, we solemnly protest against this iniquity, in the name of God.”

The Morning Post (London), September 9, 1880, p. 5.

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