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KCM at SMV NYC (1895)

It is proposed to place in the Lady Chapel of the new Church of St. Mary the Virgin, New York, a life-sized devotional picture of St. Charles, King and Martyr, representing him in his coronation roes, including the white Dalmatic, which, contrary to the usual custom of British kings, who ordinarily wore purple, he assumed both in honour of our Blessed Lady (he being consecrated on Candlemas,—the Feast of her Purification), and also, he said, as a token of the purity of intention with which he wedded his Kingdoms. It was from this that he became known as the White king. He will bear in his right hand the orb of empire; in his left the axe and palm of martyrdom. The crown imperial will be surrounded by the aureole of the saint. He will stand upon the sward of paradise, the White Rose, and the Red Carnation—emblems of his family and cause—growing beside him, and under the azure vault of Heaven. Subscriptions may be sent to the Rev. R. T. Nichol, 208, E. 176th St., New York.

From Catholic Champion, New York, November, 1895, p. 271.


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