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The stamp of Rome is on their heart,—
Take care, take care!
They play the Jesuits’ crafty part,—
Beware, beware!—
With subtle glance and wily tongue
They taint the souls of old and young;
Trust them not,—they are fooling thee.

There is a meaning in each change,—
Take care, take care!
Look well to all things new and strange,—
Beware, beware!
Though they may speak thee smooth and fair,
A hidden snake is lurking there;
Trust them not, they are fooling thee.

Their candles are for light,—just now,—
Take care, take care!
What harm before a cross to bow?
Beware, beware!
What harm? O Protestants awake,
And for your helpless children’s sake,
Trust them not; they are fooling thee.

Remember bloody Mary’s reign,
Take care, take care!
Have England’s martyrs died in vain?
Beware, beware!
No! Yet again a dauntless band,
True to our Faith we take our stand,
For God’s pure Truth, and Fatherland.

Mary Frances Tupper.


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