Richard J. Mammana, Jr. is a graduate of Columbia College and Yale Divinity School. A member of the Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences, National Episcopal Historians and Archivists, and the Pennsylvania German Society, he is the founding director of anglicanhistory.org. Mammana also serves as archivist of the Living Church Foundation, based in Milwaukee.

This is a personal wordpress account for archival source material.


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  1. Dear Sir:

    I am the rector of St. John’s Anglican Church. During a session of going through old papers, I came across a typewritten manuscript by Elsie Prentiss Briggs writing about an apparently close relationship between Bishop Brooks and Miss Lucy Rice Woods.

    It is not an original typescript, however it does have penciled editing marks on it. I would be glad to send along scans of the manuscript from which I worked along with a facsimile of a short letter from Bishop Brooks to Miss Woods in his own hand. I will note that the penciled editing marks are quite light and may not show up well in a scan.

    I have retyped the and am looking for a repository for the quixotic little piece. I’ve typed it up using a typesetting language called LaTeX, but it can be converted into most any kind of file you prefer.

    Yours very truly,

    Mark Rudolph

    PS: By way of provenance (such as it is), St. John’s Anglican was formerly known as St. John’s Episcopal Church of Huntingdon Valley, PA, USA. Driven out of the Diocese of Pennsylvania in 2000, St. John’s Anglican is now part of the Anglican Church in North America. How we came into possession of a slightly edited copy of the typescript manuscript is unknown to me.

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