Christ Lutheran, Hellertown: Elisabeth Laubach (1780)


Name: Laubach, Elisabeth, 6 September 1780—6 October 1781
Stone date: 1780

IM • IAHr • CHrISTI 1780
D • 6 • OCT
A • 1781 • DeN 1 • NOFe
Ihr • ALTer • WAHr
I • IA • UND • I • M

Photographed July 13, 2019 by Richard Mammana
Old Christ Lutheran Church Cemetery
Lower Saucon, Hellertown, Northampton, Pennsylvania
40.600237, -75.320902

This stone for an infant bears a reverse date of 1780, and an obverse/epitaph death-date of 1781. Her grandparents Johannes Christian Laubach (1699-1768) and Susana Catharina Zimmler Laubach (1705-1770) have nearby stones likely commissioned at the same time. The decorated side has been obliterated by a modern resetting; the reverse was sketched by Eleanor Barba between c. 1939 and 1954:

import (1)

Drawing from Preston Barba, Pennsylvania German Tombstones: A Study in Folk Art. Allentown: Schlechter’s for the Pennsylvania German Folklore Society, 1954, p. 93, with the following description:

At the head of the stone a quatrefoil sunburst for which this stone-cutter seems to have had a preference. The upper half of the panel is adorned with a five-branched tree of life, free in treatment and again with drooping lower branches. Especially interesting are the spirals below an architectural detail in the lower half of the panel. Such spirals are common in the folk art of the Nordic races and are symbolical of the sun’s journey from the winter solstice (when the earth is in aphelion) up to the summer solstice (perihelion) and its descending course in the second half of the year.


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